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Roulette Odds

Roulette is known as a game which favors the house and yet players find it one of the most attractive casino games. Should you win playing roulette you can certainly make a nice profit but it is a good idea to enter the game with some understanding of roulette odds. Once you get the basics of roulette odds you will also understand where to play and what type of wheel to choose. What bet you make also influences your odds of winning but don’t count on the smart bets making you a guaranteed winner at roulette. Either way whether you play roulette online at or at a live casino you will probably have a fun time!

The Reality of the Odds

It isn’t hard to figure out the basic roulette odds. The roulette wheel has 37 or 38 different slots with numbers. You can win 35 times your bet which immediately lets you know that the house has an obvious advantage. Based on these standard roulette odds the house has an advantage of 2.7% when you are playing the single zero game and 5.26% when you play with the double zero slot. It is in fact the zero slot that represents the house edge so you can easily spot the wheel you should play on without knowing the definition of them.

Choose the Right Wheel

If you are playing online roulette you will have to know the layout of the wheels according to their names since you won’t always see a clear shot of the wheel before you click into the game. It is the European roulette that comes with a single zero and the American version that has the double. This is why many roulette strategies will tell you to always go for European roulette with the better odds. There are other versions and with special rules you could also be well off playing a French version. To understand how special roulette rules can influence the odds you should play a lot and learn more about these specific roulette strategies.

Specific Bets and the Odds

When you make roulette bets you have many different types to choose from. The easiest roulette bet to make is the single number bet. Should you win on a single number bet the payout will be the highest, meaning 35 to 1. The odds for this in European roulette are 36 to 1 and 37 to 1 in the American version. If you make a split bet on two numbers the European odds are 17.5 and the American 18 to 1. If you make an even, odd, high, low, red or black bet the European odds are 1.01 to 1 and the American 1.05 to 1. The payouts stay the same for the two versions but the odds are always stronger in the European roulette.

Making the Best Bets

The even, odd, high, low, red and black number bets all have a payout of 1 to 1. This makes them solid bets where the payout is similar to the odds of the bets. For sure, you won’t win as much on these bets but many agree that these are the best bets to make on roulette. Don’t forget that ultimately this game is about the excitement and sometimes that simply means a big bet on a single number.

27 May 2015

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