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Quick Insight into 2014 FIFA World Cup Odds: Is This the Year for Germany?

Just two months are remaining for the greatest sporting event to unfold in the backdrop of a beautiful South American country, Brazil. This year, the World Cup comes back to Brazil after 64 years, and it sure is going to be a whole lot of fun.

The Home Advantage for Brazil

The hosts will challenge Croatia for the opening games scheduled to be held on June 12th in Sao Paulo, and with home crowd on their feet, Brazil is expected to put up a stupendous show to say the least. A total of 32 teams are taking part this year. Each of the teams has been picked from qualifying rounds, which took place over the last one year. While there are no surprises among the teams this year, the competition seems to be much leveled as each of the teams is very competitive and brilliant.

How Good Are Germany’s Chances?

One of the most successful among these teams is Germany, which has made its top finalists always except a glaring couple of times. The last time Germany won the world cup was in 1974. In 2002, it almost came within a hair’s breadth to win had it not been against one of the best assembled football teams of an era, Brazil comprised of Rivaldo, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho, the destructive trio. But this year, the world cup odds 2014 are different and Germany has one of the most balanced teams in the world.

With an abundance of homegrown talent through its Bundesliga, the Germans successfully have so many options of playing the best fielders that the coach, Joachim Low will have plenty of options choosing different strategies and players against different teams. For example, if Thomas Muller is not playing well enough, they can just get on Marco Reus; if Ozil looks a little tired then you replace him with Mario Gotze! From having the best goalkeeper in the world i.e. Bayern’s Manuel Neuer to their most experienced player as their captain Philipp Lahm, this year might be the time they win if they play their cards right.

Fantastic Track Record in Champions League

With the success of German football clubs in the last few editions of Champions League, it has led to their domination in the world of football. The domestic cup i.e. Bundesliga is an amazing platform to nurture the talent and produce fantastic line ups. Germany has a rich soccer history, which showcases its passion for football. It has learnt to put its fans’ interest first before its commercial value. This is what makes the Germanic sense of football quite different from its European counterparts.

This summer, the 2014 World Cup will commemorate 24 years since Germany last won the right to call itself the best soccer team in the world. Now is the best time for Germans to ascertain their favorite trophy after the Euro Cup and enjoy the samba dance on the footballing ground of Brazil and play along their odds in the world cup. However, it’s certainly not going to be easy to beat Brazil on their home ground!

17 Apr 2014

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